DAINESE 1533651




- 保護 - 
護肩:歐洲安全標準 EN 1621.1
護肘:歐洲安全標準 EN 1621.1

- 專利
- Microelastic(European patent pending)
- Localized perforation(Italian patent n°1380447, European patent n° 2055452)


The road flashing beneath your saddle, the wide open spaces of the prairie, the pulsing of the pistons you can feel in your arms and everywhere else, the sunlight glinting of the engine chrome, and the roar of the choppers riding in formation. Constructed in leather that is both thick and soft at the same time, the Dainese Razon Leather jacket combines innovative technical solutions like patented Microelastic Inserts with the essential style and strong character of the bikers who wear it.

Provided with removable composite protectors, ventilation, and removable thermal lining, this jacket with excellent ergonomics is also available in a version for ladies.


COLOR: 001(黑) 



【價格: NT$14900】